Go Green: Our Environment

Environment means the surroundings. Land, water, air, plants, animals, solid wastes and other things that are surrounding...

Go Red – Our Vision

We as a family wanted to establish long term relationship with our all valued Customers through our integrated & extensive services.

Go Blue - What We Do

We provide continuous support throughout the entire life-cycle of our all range of instruments. Our products, services and...

Our Recent Products

Features: 67.5v DC output Audible & Visual holiday detecting indicators 80kΩ - 90KΩ resistance[...]

Heating blocks type AKU are designed to be placed outside. The combustion chamber is in cillynder form. The [...]

The TQC Shore Hardness Testblock Kit with different values of hardness. As a reference check it will indicate if a [...]

The new Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge sets new standards making measuring dry film thickness faster, reliab[...]

The TQC Viscosity Cup ISO 2431 Immersion is a range of titanium anodized aluminum or stainless steel viscosity cups[...]

Comfort and high performance The Euroclinic MYA is a professional podiatry chair offering maximum comfort for a re[...]

The various stages of drying and curing that occur in films are easy to detect but difficult to define in terms of [...]

Features Conforms to BS 3900 D6/D7, ISO 6504, 3906, DIN 55984 45°/0° geometry illuminant C light source[...]

USB data logger for temperature and relative humidity. The USB data logger has a memory for 32.000 readings (16000 [...]

DRE offers a wide variety of back tables, also known as work or instrument tables.  Finishes are availabl[...]

Seat Diameter: 16" Seat Height: 19" - 24" Features Contemporary style One-piece BIFMA test[...]

The Corometrics 128 maternal/fetal monitor offers the ability to address every monitoring need for both the mother [...]

Our Principals