Go Green: Our Environment

Environment means the surroundings. Land, water, air, plants, animals, solid wastes and other things that are surrounding...

Go Red – Our Vision

We as a family wanted to establish long term relationship with our all valued Customers through our integrated & extensive services.

Go Blue - What We Do

We provide continuous support throughout the entire life-cycle of our all range of instruments. Our products, services and...

Our Recent Products

Instrument for measuring moisture in wood, buielding materials, paper, cardboard, isolation materials and others.&n[...]

Ultraview 1050 Monitor 90369 Lightweight, compact, highly portable Shares same touchscreen controls a[...]

The Elcometer 212 is a digital, pocket sized thermometer ideal for day to day use.Incorporating a fast response sta[...]

Non-destructive instrument for measuring moisture levels in concrete and sand-cement floors. Measurements or up to [...]

The PCF-160AL video colonoscope utilizes the new innoflex technology to let its user adjust the flexibility of the [...]

Skytron's 3500 features an incredible 21" top slide, 500 lb lift/articulation, return-to-level and return-to-center[...]

The Nellcor N-200 is one of the most reliable units built.  This sturdy model displays heart rate and oxygen s[...]

Width: 20.5" Length: 39" Height: 39.5" Features: All-welded stainless steel frame Top has 2 ri[...]

The electronic moisture meter GM43 is usable for quick measurements in wialls of caravans, tra[...]

 BGD 186 is the newest Krebs Viscometer which used to determine the viscosity of Non-Newtonian fluids, e.g. mo[...]

Solid steel hammer electrode for immediate measurements to a max. depth of 15mm.To be used with Pocket 1, Pocket 3,[...]

Our Principals