Go Green: Our Environment

Environment means the surroundings. Land, water, air, plants, animals, solid wastes and other things that are surrounding...

Go Red – Our Vision

We as a family wanted to establish long term relationship with our all valued Customers through our integrated & extensive services.

Go Blue - What We Do

We provide continuous support throughout the entire life-cycle of our all range of instruments. Our products, services and...

Our Recent Products

Sophisticated digital documentation that is easy to use and state of the art. Also lets you store PC-compatible, h[...]

The Medfusion 3010a Syringe Pump may be used in MRI rooms with static magnetic fields up to 150 Gauss. It features [...]

TQC Bird film applicator with one flat edge. One application side for applying 1 pre-defined thickness. The TQC Bir[...]

Magnetic agitators with various dimensions, with or without optional heating and adjustable rotational speed and di[...]

Features: Hand Held Instrument Easily locates shorted bolts, replaces bolt to bolt Use on structure with or wi[...]

Rugotest no. 3 comparison standard for blasted surfaces consisting of 6 examples of grit-blasting and 6 examples of[...]

The Elcometer 135A Bresle Sampler is a self-adhesive rubber film patch with a sealed compartment for sampling of so[...]

Skytron 1201 surgical tables are full-function, manual tables, available refurbished from DRE.  These ope[...]

Oakworks Professional Stools have chromed steel bases, casters for easy movement, and 3" high-desnity, multi-layer [...]

Used in conjunction with the detachable Hygrostick probe, the Hygromaster is an easy to use, versati[...]

TQC Immersed body (Plummet) (DIN EN ISO 2811-2)The Plummet method (Immersed body) is a universal instrument to dete[...]

The standard for capturing crystal clear digital video. Features a range of digital and analog outputs. TECHNICAL[...]

Our Principals