Thank you for visiting our website www.ktinst.com. KTI is highly obliged to offer an extensive range of all types of imported medical instruments & all such Q.C. and R&D (Research & Development) instruments for Paint, Powder, Polymer, Plastic, Concrete, Material Testing, Pharmaceuticals…. etc.

We continually strive to offer unparalleled VALUE and QUALITY to our valued Customers, and vouch the best possible products, service & support.

Our goal is to always offer our valued Customers virtue imported instruments with professional services at competitive pricing & our main intention is to make our Customers believe in us for our hearted & integrated service & support.

Our various department's works on different fields & these department’s concedes to well-trained personals with our overseas principles. We are committed to provide our world class service & support to all our valued Customers. We are Customer friendly and totally transparent in every aspect which is related to Customers and we are in debt to provide any type of solutions to our valued Customers within 2 working days with highest priority.

Sales & Service – After sales we KTI are also responsible for servicing & calibration or re-calibration of all the products, whichever is purchased from us through our resources. We also offer an attractive pricing for Service / Calibration / Re-Calibration / AMC.

TAG LINE – We will make you believe…!
As we project our company’s long term relations and continued support in every aspect required for our valued Customers, we as a family have undertaken four elements as our success path.

These are Quality, Timely Delivery, Transparency & Customer Satisfaction.

Our Company’s logo is created using three primary colors of nature where each color represents a different aspect of nature & also describes the company long term vision in its own way.


GO GREEN: Our Environment

Environment means the surroundings. Land, water, air, plants, animals, solid wastes and other things that are surrounding us constitute our environment. Human being and environment are closely intertwined with each other to maintain a balance or equilibrium in nature.

Different groups of people working in different areas express it in various ways. When physical scientists talk about environment they generally refer to the physical environment that comprises the three inter locking systems that is the Atmosphere, the Hydrosphere and the Lithosphere.

We KTI are dealing Environment free testing instruments, which is basically used for Medical Instruments, QC, R&D, Research Institute. There is a close relationship between KTI and environment…!

We will not take any steps polluting our Environment in any aspects!!!

Go Green, Keep Clean...Save the world & let’s make it a better place for living…!


GO BLUE - What We Do

We provide continuous support throughout the entire life-cycle of our all range of instruments. Our products, services and unrivaled expertise allow customers to develop higher-quality products faster and more efficiently, optimizing the performance and reliability of everything from all types of Medical Instruments as well as all Quality Control, R&D, Research Institute.

A well organized training course provides the knowledge that you need to use in your testing system to its full potential. We are dedicated to perfectly tailored training especially for your needs.

We are working closely to all of our valued Customers with innovators from different industries like of Medical Instruments as well as all Quality Control, R&D, Research Institute.

We are committed to provide our integrated & intensive support & services to our valued Customers.

Go Blue, Help us to help you…& let us provide you world class service & support…!


GO RED – Our Vision

We as a family wanted to establish long term relationship with our all valued Customers through our integrated & extensive services.

Our vision in future is to establish our branches throughout the world in every possible field of research & development. Through our extensive range of imported medical instruments we as a family wanted to establish an easier medium of treatment for every possible disease in the sector of hospitality.

We wanted to establish our name in the field of Exclusive Dealers for Sales & after sales service through our hospitality and highly integrated & extended support & services.

To achieve these pillars & establish our name in this field we are following four elements of success.

QUALITY: We are committed to provide world class quality testing instruments to all of our valued Customers. Our mission is to provide world renowned instruments to our valued Customers so that they enjoy their day to day work using our latest high level quality products.

TIMELY DELIVERY: We understand our valued Customers quality testing requirements. In order to fulfill these requirements we are obliged to provide them timely solutions & deliveries according to their need.

TRANSPARENCY: In order to maintain a healthy relationship with our valued Customers, we believe in an open to discussion frame, where we discuss our Customers need & understand their requirement, so that we can take necessary action accordingly with measurable circumstances.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: In order to satisfy our all valued Customers, we take every necessary step to fulfill our Customers requirement within the time frame & with full supervision. In adherence to this we are providing (24 X 7) assistance through e-mail, live chat & customer service desk with our well-trained officers, which will satisfy our all valued Customers.

Go Red, we will make you believe in us…!