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For an instant indication of the thickness of a paint coating on steel. Using the magnetic attraction principle the PENT[...]

A revolutionary gauge for measuring paint coatings on plastic and other non-metallic substrates. Using the ultrasonic pr[...]

Rugged coating thickness gauge for any non-magnetic coatings on steel such as paint, enamel, chrome, zinc, etc. for [...]

The MiniTest700 is ergonomically designed and its rounded shape allows the MiniTest gauge to fit perfectly into the palm[...]

Minitest 7400 is high-precision coating thickness gauge for non-destructive measurements on all metal substrates. Appli[...]

Minitest FH 7400/7200 Features Precision: ±1% of reading, tolerances depending on probe & ball used. Unit[...]

Minitest 3100 A range of instruments for more advanced statistical information which take a wide range of probes for co[...]

Paint Inspection GaugeThis destructive thickness gauge uses a tungsten carbide cutting tool to measure coating thickness[...]

These simple inexpensive comb gauges provide a useful aid to checking the depth of a coating of paint, enamel, laquer, a[...]

Calling card gauges check wet film thickness and are also useful as a promotional item for larger manufacturers. Comple[...]

Large capacity stainless steel gauge to check wet film applied on smooth flat surfaces, from 0 to 5000 &m[...]

An accurate gauge to check the wet film thickness of a paint film on application. A calibrated wheel with eccentri[...]

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