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A wide range of consistent test charts for testing physical properties of coating, lacquers and inks. Suitable for deter[...]

Unvarnished Test Charts are ideal for testing applications of clear coatings and stains.The unvarnished (semi-porous) su[...]

These are pressure sensitive labels with a hiding power test pattern and a sealed, solvent-resistant surface. They are u[...]

In a typical scrub test, the coating is applied to the Leneta Scrub Test Panel at a specified film thickness, allowed to[...]

Available in varying thicknesses and size. The Leneta WBX, WDX, WA, and WB cards all come with convenience hole at the t[...]

The term "Opacity Chart" refers to charts on which the test pattern is a simple combination of black and white areas, la[...]

Painted steel panels, used for measuring the hiding power of powder coatings and industrial enamels. Available in half b[...]

These  are  sealed paint test charts with six stripes on a white field,   ranging in  shade fro[...]

Originally made to be used with Duplex Film Applicator, an instrument designed fro rapid production of side-by-side draw[...]

These charts employ time-tested, diagonally striped patterns, having a strong visual impact that emphasises variations i[...]

One of the earliest hiding power test surfaces was linoleum with a black and white checkerboard pattern. This was soon r[...]

Designed for informal brushout applications, the paper stock is almost twice the thickness of regular chart paper to giv[...]

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