Infrared Thermometer

KTI Model No: KTI3134

Manufacture: Biuged Laboratory

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Product Description

Infrared Thermometer



◆ Non-contact measurement with laser pointer.

◆ A great portable device for Mobile industry.

◆ A popular meter for temperature measurement of process and maintenance conditions.

◆ Auto Power off after 4 seconds non-operation.

◆ Ambient temperature at 0±5 calibrated by black body.

◆ Backlight feature for use in dark areas.

◆ Wide range of applications include: Food preparation, Safety and Fire inspectors, Plastics molding, Asphalt, Marine and Screen printing, measure ink and Dryer temperature, Diesel and Fleet maintenance.

◆ Class II laser product, complies with FDA radiation performance standard 21CFR subchapter J.

◆ <1mW output at 675nm wave length.


Main Technical Parameters

■ Temperature range: -40~500 (-40~932F)

■ Response time: 500ms

■ Resolution: 0.1/0.1(-40~110/-40~230)

■ Repeatability: ±1

■ Emissivity: 3 point selectable

■ Accuracy: 
40~100:±2% or 2 whichever is greater.
101~520:±3% or 3 whichever is greater.

■ Power: 9Volt battery x 1

■ Weight Approx.: 140g

■ Dimension: 44(W) x40 (D) x170 (H) mm

 Ordering InformationBGD 950---Infrared Thermometer


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