RMA Service

To expidite your repair/re-calibration/buyback request, Please fill this form



Return (Please mark the applicable box) The typical service lead time is two weeks after arrival of the goods.

Kindly inform me when instrument is ready for shipment :

Please ship my instrument back immediately after repair / calibration.
Kindly inform me when instrument is ready for shipment.


- Shipping costs will be for Customer’s account.
- If a cost estimate is not accepted we will charge `3,200/- inspection charges (Excluding Shipping charges & Service Tax).
- If instruments are sent for repair / re-calibration, and we can’t determine any fault, we will charge `5,500/- plus shipping charges and service tax.
- Multiple instruments in a strong box with proper means of protection, mark the outside of the box with “REP” and include this form within the parcel.
- To maintain our high level Customer’s satisfaction, we request you to take back your instruments within the period of 45 days. After that we will not be responsible for the whereabouts of the instruments and it will automatically shown scraped at our end.
I have read and accept the terms & conditions stated above.

Document Ref. No: KTI/2018/Feb/19/100009